June 3, 2011

Taking notes online

I have three different kinds of notes. -There are the notes that I write that serve as little reminders to me. These notes are either blog post ideas, or things that I think of, or just a list of things that I need to get done. They get changed and delete a lot as I’m working through them. -There are the kinds of notes that I write and then share with a few people. These notes tend to be a more fleshed out version of the previous ones, but I’m still not ready to make these public. -There are notes that I consider “completed” these notes will occasionally need some updating, but they are complete thoughts or ideas and there is little that I need to do except maintain them. I don’t mind people seeing SOME of these notes, but some of them will still be private.

Most note taking applications let me manage the first one. They let me create these private notes and maintain them myself. Most times they work like a single folder with many notes in it. Most times the notes are organized by their names or when they were created. Sometimes they even let me “tag” them. Tagging works great for emails, but not for notes. Or at least, not for my notes. For example, there is rarely a note I will ignore, but many emails get ignored for days based on their tags. The notes are something that I actively need to be able to sort and organize – much like a folder/file structure. A lot of note apps don’t allow this level of organization.

A lot fewer note taking applications offer the 2

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