April 14, 2009

Disable WGA – KB905474

I know with my recent Microsoft appraisals it may seem like I’m placing them on some sort of super-high pedestal that the rest can’t reach. Over the weekend Microsoft got knocked off that a couple times, almost as if the universe decided to spite me.

Reinstalling Windows - For KB905474 tests?

WGA Validation Fail.

Oh noes. What have we here? For those out of the loop, apparently unbeknowst to the public Microsoft slipped patch KB905474 through their update servers. Those of you who don’t check the updates and look into them before installing (probably most of you.. I can’t imagine anyone doing this unless they were completely paranoid) wouldn’t have even noticed this little doozy pass by. And then you’d never notice it again, until it told you that the pirated copy of windows that you were using was Pirated, and then refused to shut down your computer or start it up. It would also display a horrendous little notification on the bottom right of your screen and a system tray icon that refused to go away. Oh and it would bond to your OS, making it virtually impossible to remove. Once installed, KB905474 is here to stay.

Or is it? With a little know how KB905474 is actually fairly simple to remove. It invovles the use of a single tool that’s offered to the public for free and the steps are so easy someone who claims to be computer illiterate can easily perform them (trust me, I have validation on this).

  1. Download and install¬†Unlocker. This handy little gem was actually found through a website that I frequent called Rarst, the particular post outlining it vs another file unlocker. In the end Unlocker won out for me simply because it was the easiest to use. What it does is take any file and list the files that are using it. You can then “unlock” the file from use. The Unlocker website contains and lot more details (and screenshots) of the whole process and the Rarst post contains a lot of good information for those of you who want ¬†a bit more.
  2. Now go to this folder: C:\Windows\system32\ and look for the following files:
    They’ll by right next to each other, so if you find one, you’ll find the other.
  3. Making sure every other window is closed, right click WGATray.exe and select unlocker. Simply select the file in the window that pops up and select unlock. Then rename the file to WGATray.exe.old. If Unlocker reports that a lock couldn’t be found, simply rename the file.
  4. Now right click wgalogon.dll and do the same thing. This file will have a lock on it, so you will have to select Unlock before you can tamper with it. Rename it to wgalogon.dll.old

You would have noticed that wgalogon.dll was actually tied directly into winlogon.exe which is essential for windows. This is why you can no longer remove it.

Now just open task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL or right click the taskbar and select Task Manager). Click on the Processes tab and then click on the Image Name title, sorting them alphabetically. Now you can just find WGATray.exe and end the process. You will have noticed that if you tried to end it previously that it would just start back up again, but by renaming the file, it can no longer find it so it can’t start it.

Your computer will also refuse to shut down the first time this is done. This is because WGA is tied directly into Windows and it’s getting confused that it can no longer find it. Simply force shut down (hold the power button) and when that’s done boot up again and you should be fine.

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  1. April 15, 2009
    aenariele said...

    First of all, can I compliment you on your toe proportions? My second two is lengthier than my big toe, which enables me to pinch people with my toes quite easily, but it’s just not that pretty =P Lol.

    Does forcing your computer to shut down damage it much? I always wondered about that… I really like your instructions, btw. They’re very easy to follow for not tech savvy people like me. The mild sarcasm intertwined makes it very approachable as well. Also, what exactly is this patch meant to do?

  2. April 21, 2009
    Angelo R. said...

    It’s not so much the powering down that people need to worry about as far as computers. It’s what happens when they get a random power surge. Essentially if you cut off the power to anything it will stop. But suddenly tossing in too much is what will damage your board.

    Also note that that particular shutdown method is more of an “omg wth, where is my start button?” kinda life-saving method.

  3. May 5, 2009
    felipe1982 said...

    DMCA violation-much?

  4. May 8, 2009
    xangelo said...

    Hahah it had to be done. If they were a bit nicer about it, I wouldn’t have cared very much. Apparently this “WGA Mode” is going to be a big part of Windows 7 too.. I wonder if it will be this easy to get rid of..

  5. October 16, 2009

    [...] blogs that I find particularly interesting. This post on Rarst.net helped me when I was writing Disable WGA – KB905474 It covers the differences between two different file unlocker programs, namely Unlocker and [...]

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